Tonight, during Prayer Groups, we were told to write down what came to mind when you thought about ‘I AM‘, which is the way God refers to Himself in the Old Testament to Moses and the Hebrews in Egypt. It could be a description, a song, a poem, or a spoken-word-style piece. I decided to write a simple poem, based around the literal translation of ‘I AM‘, which is ‘I will always be what I have been.’
Here it is:

by Chris Darius
I will always be
what I have been.”
My knees, they shake
before Your throne.
Your mighty hands
hold all we see –
all past, present,
and what’s yet to be.
Your voice, like thunder,
shatters man’s core,
exposing everything,
showing You’re pure.
Your very presence
is all men seek –
and still You come,
though we are weak.
And somehow, still,
You loved us.
You imploded minds
with Your grace.
You sent Your Son
to pay our sin,
so that even we
can enter in.
Your very Being
is unfathomable.
Your undeserved love,
Your sacrifice,
And Your faithfulness,
You never change,
all else falls away.
You remain forever,
so worthy of praise.
And every person
You have saved
will come before Your throne,
completely remade.
You hold me close,
and whisper in,
I will always be
what I have been.”

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