Today is Christmas

I wrote this letter in the half hour before I left for work today. I work as a waiter at Covenant Village of Cromwell, a retirement home near me. I wrote just one page, and made it as simple as possible. I tried to capture Christmas within just one page, and to encourage the people I affectionately call “my old people friends”. I placed a copy on each table for them to read, and they liked it so much that some even took copies back to their apartments. I’m so happy I work at a Christian workplace, as Covenant Village is founded around Christian values (not something you see too often up North). This letter, however, is applicable to all walks of life – not just the elderly. It may apply to you too.

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A Letter to My Future Son

Today, I wrote another letter. I have wanted to write this one since I wrote A Letter to My Future Daughter, and I finally did it. I wrote a letter that I will give to my son when I think he’s ready for it.

And today, I learned again some of what it feels like to be a father. But this time, I learned how it felt to be a dad to a boy.

This was really amazing, as it helped me to see some of the things that my own father thinks when he looks at me.

I can’t wait to give this to my son.

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A Letter to My Future Daughter

I wrote this letter one day this past summer, alone in my room, thinking of the future. I have been the go-to guy for many girls with their relationship issues, and God has also given me a sense of awareness in terms of relationships so that I can be able to help others. I decided, that day, to write a letter.

I wondered to whom I should write it, should I write to my future wife? My future grandchild? My future son? Myself? My future daughter? Ah, that’s it. I will write a letter to my future daughter. A kind of letter that she would receive on her twelfth or thirteenth birthday, when she starts to become a woman and begins to wonder about relationships. And so I wrote it.

That day, I learned more about parenthood than anyone could have told me at that time. In writing as though I were a parent, I was overcome with the sacrificial love that comes with being a father. And I found a new love for my father, knowing that he thinks these same things, and experiences these same rushes of emotions, when he is with my little sister.

I had written one draft, then I had saved it away into the countless folders I have organized in my computer, saved away safe onto my hard drive. And today, I found it again. And, after a sprinkling of minor revisions, I thought you all might appreciate reading it.

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